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WPC Wood Plastic Composite Wholesale Price Range in 2019

Can we use real wood for producing cladding panels?Wood Look Plastic Panels for Home Facade at Cheap Price What is plastic composites made from?A Guide to WPC Wood Plastic CompositeValid Aluminium Company site

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Briefly known as WPC, wood composite is one of the emerging materials whose business is very thriving in various fields, especially wood and flooring. Other applications of plastic wood profiles include door, window, fence and hedge; due to the flexibility of production methods and the functional characteristics of the types of plastic wood, there is a growing expectation for the product to expand worldwide.Follow us on to get information about WPC Wood Plastic Composite Wholesale Price Range in 2019.

WPC Wood Plastic Composite Wholesale Price Range in 2019

Can we use real wood for producing cladding panels?

Can we use real wood for producing cladding panels?

(wpc), which stands for Plastics includes a wide range of composite materials that can be used in a variety of plastics from polypropylene to PVC. Making this type of material not only influenced the traditional notion of wood composites that resembled compact materials like particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF), it also introduced a new generation of highly efficient products. 

The first generation of wood plastic composite products were made from a combination of flour or recycled wood chips and fasteners that were highly efficient for easier use. Today, with the rapid development of this family of wood composites, we are witnessing the production of wood with acceptable mechanical properties, high stability against environmental changes and complex designs. These products are very suitable for complex and sensitive applications because of their high stability, hardness and tolerance.The most common types of wood plastics are wood and plastic flour blends that not only have the best properties of wood and plastic but can be processed like plastic.

One of the benefits of these products is the wood used in it. Since this wood can be sawdust or even scrap of other wood products, there is no need to use new wood sources for their production. Wood waste, which has been so expensive to date, can now be a good source for one of the best wood composite products. Also recycled plastic from batteries and plastic bags is also a good source for use in more conventional plastics.

Wood Look Plastic Panels for Home Facade at Cheap Price

wood plastic composite price

One of the features of extruded wood plastics is the one-step molding capability of the finished product. For the first time, wood products have a regular shape and no scrap parts. Also, controlling product dimensions means increasing efficiency and saving on the use of materials.Exterior walls can have a thickness of between four and six millimeters and inner walls have a thickness of 2.5 to 3.5 mm, in addition to extruded intricate details with a tolerance threshold of less than +/- 0.2 mm.

The regular appearance of the molds allows for the application of all the conventional methods used in the design of plastic parts, including the base and walls of reinforcing interiors, hooks and dividers and simple fasteners, on wood products. This reduces the cost and weight of the finished product and consumables, which in turn contributes to increasing the cooling speed and thus accelerating production.

In addition, the design of profiles using connectors allows the production of multicast systems that were not previously applicable in the wood industry.wood plastic composite manufacturers can produce products that they were not capable of using reinforcing gears, perforations, and angles greater than 2 degrees.The use of all processes in the production of plastic artifacts in the field of wood is another achievement of this technology.

What is plastic composites made from?

What is plastic composites made from?

Plastic-wood composite is a wood with a plastic edge and a plastic with a wood edge. These composites are a new class of materials including wood and plastic in varying amounts. Wood fibers come from scrap wood, boards and damaged lumber and can replace conventional fillers in the plastics industry such as talc, calcium carbonate, glass fiber and carbon.

The benefits of using wood fibers are its renewable resources, cheapness, lightness, non-abrasiveness and biodegradability of the composite. Composites made from wood fiber processing with a thermoplastic plastic can be marketed as natural wood with different cross-sections. The increasing use of these composites in the construction industry has attracted the attention of many manufacturers. So many manufacturers are working in this field today. Roofing and flooring, ornaments, door and window frames are common applications of these composites, but much research is underway to apply these composites as building timbers.

WPCs are currently used in finished products including flooring, window frames and laminate. Over the past five years in the US, there has been a 5% increase in annual consumption of these products in various fields, with the rapidly expanding use of wood plastics increasing the trade in these materials. One of the growing areas in this field is the application of wood plastics to the structural engineering industry, which can make good use of the specific features of these products.In addition, plastic wood can also be used in products that are generally made of wood or PVC-U.

A Guide to WPC Wood Plastic Composite

composite wood products include wood and plastic features. Their hardness and strength are between wood and plastic, but their density is usually higher than both. The characteristics of the wood are the result of its construction in which a thin layer of plastic covers the wood particles.

Among the features of this type of structure is high resistance to moisture. The water absorption power of these products is 0.7%, which is a significant amount compared to the 2.17% pine wood absorption because the moisture is absorbed only by the wood particles and does not penetrate the plastic parts due to its plastic overlay layer. They are highly resistant to moisture and, unlike other wood products, do not swell very well in water. They are also very resistant to insects and fungi.

In addition to the above features, WPCs can be modified to suit the end use by changing the type of wood or plastic. For example, products made with PEs are cheaper and more resistant to high temperatures, while painting and polishing WPCs made of PVC is easier.In addition to pigments, UV stabilizers and fire retardants can be added to raw materials to improve the specific properties of wood plastics.

Experience has shown that WPCs behave as well as, in some cases, better than other wood products.Fire tests usually include two parts: flammability and flammability, in which the level of fire readiness, burning stability, and flame spread are examined.Most experiments in this field have been conducted in the US in accordance with ASTM standards, which are summarized in this section.

In general, the presence of plastics in products improves the efficiency of wood products against fire. For example, the use of PVC-U materials that perform well in fire and flame propagation improve the overall WPC behavior compared to pure wood.The results of the flammability tests on plastic wood indicate the similar behavior of other wood products with the same density.Also in the field of flame propagation, better results were obtained than other dense wood products.In addition, by adding fire and smoke retardants to raw materials, their ultimate efficiency can be increased.

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