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Metal Handrails at Affordable Price Vs. Steel Handrails

Outdoor Metal Stair Railing Handrail on Sale Aluminum Stair Railing & Handrail Market Around the world Most sold kinds of handrails in the world in 2019What are the affordable and high-quality kinds of handrail?Valid Aluminium Company site

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 “The metal handrails Vs. steel handrails” is an integral part of every staircase that is designed in many ways at affordable price today and has itself become an aesthetic element.You probably won’t realize the importance of a staircase fence until you get off a staircase without a fence. Especially if you stumble on the stairs and unconsciously extend your hand to the fence, but find no support!  Here’s where you realize the importance of fences. 

Metal Handrails at Affordable Price Vs. Steel Handrails

Outdoor Metal Stair Railing Handrail on Sale

Outdoor Metal Stair Railing Handrail on Sale

Stair railings (formerly known as taromis) are generally designed to provide safety and stability when climbing or descending stairs and are an obstacle to preventing people from being harmed; Children and the elderly are at risk of crossing stairs.

But fences are not only a protective element; they are also part of the building’s component in the beauty of space and can be creatively transformed into art that adorns the interior or exterior.

If you are looking for a low-cost fence that has good strength and long life, a metal base rail is the best option for you. Metal fences also come in many designs that provide a wide selection.

Of course, bronze railings also have this variety, but their high price is an important issue that generally leads to no choice. In addition, since it is possible to paint metal fences, this type of fence is a good option to beautify the interior decoration of your home and to harmonize it with the interior or exterior of your home.

Aluminum Stair Railing & Handrail Market Around the world

Aluminum Fence Turkey is the most standard aluminum fence available in the Iranian market. Aluminum railings are Turkey’s Akat production complex and have the highest quality and ISO 9001 standard from the European Union. The company has been working hard to supply the Turkish aluminum fence at an affordable price.

Aluminum Fence Turkey The security and decorative fence is made of aluminum 6060 and 6063 material which turns into pipes and moisture-resistant profiles in the paint and anodizing process. These varieties of fences can suit any taste and add a sense of modernity to the decoration of the building by enhancing the stairs and balconies.

Aluminum railings in a standardized process are made of aluminum bars in the form of aluminum profiles or pipes to achieve a unique design by combining different colors. Aluminum railings have not been widely welcomed in the past because they mistakenly believed that aluminum was soft and fragile and could not be used as railings, but over time, aluminum railings were welcomed because of their strength against tensile, compression and tensile stresses. Its shelf life has increased.

Aluminum Fences Since 2007, we have specialized in importing profiles and parts of Aluminum Fences such as Aluminum Fence Wood, Silver Aluminum Fence, Golden Aluminum Fence, Black Aluminum Fence, Bronze Aluminum Fence at the most reasonable price.

Turkey has. Aluminum Fences This variety of designs and colors is the best choice for shielding and tile fencing with aluminum, steel, glass structures for public and highway security such as commercial complexes, subway stations, airports, Hotels, hospitals, villas and residential buildings. With its experienced staff, this complex is able to provide professional advice and execution of all types of fences and safe guarding in accordance with fire regulations.

Nowadays, building fencing projects are becoming more common with aluminum fence products because they are extremely safe and beautiful and can maintain their shape and color for many years and are widely accepted around the world. 

Aluminum Fence Contrary to the mistaken belief of some who think this product is not robust and durable, it is a very durable shield that is one of the most durable and durable metal alloys that humans have ever discovered.

It is meant to be made of aluminum. Aluminum fences are painted and anodized in a highly precise and engineered process in two types of pipes and profiles and transformed into a stainless and durable fence. The variety of design and color of the aluminum railing is enough that it can be matched to the exterior and interior decoration of any building, giving you a look of beauty and modernity.

Most sold kinds of handrails in the world in 2019

Most sold kinds of handrails in the world in 2019

Architects and engineers today tend to build tall buildings. Because of the glass in the handrails of the buildings it is possible to create beautiful scenery and visions for people and the beautiful view both inside and outside the building. These high-rise buildings need shelter, fences and fences to protect people, so they tend to be high fences.

Among the models of these shields and fences, its hand-held glass fittings are most welcomed. The beauty, variety of its design as well as the transparency of the glass have made architects, engineers and designers more attentive to glass railings and use them in building buildings. Given the increasing knowledge of glass, in Iran and around the world, a variety of hand-made glass models were used in year 2019 and are being used more and more in the world every day.

What are the affordable and high-quality kinds of handrail?

Handrail types at a glance

Handrail 3 Lines:

The design is the most common of the handrail fences used for staircases in large buildings and passages. The Handrail 3 line meets all the requirements defined by the fire brigade and is also cost-effective. The protective pipes used in this fence are 16 in. In thickness and more than 0/4 in. Thick.

Handrail Screw Base:

One of the most beautiful designs in the handrail fence is the mechanical operation of the handrail pipes. Due to the mechanical operation, the pipes used should have a high thickness. The steel pipes used are two sizes 38 and51 made of 201 or 304 alloy.

Handrail with rice pots:

In this design we use handrail fences made of brass parts in combination with handrail pipes. Brass pieces in two colors of gold and silver in the center of the base and the handrail pipes form the sides. Brass pieces are made in two types of engraving and simple.

 Handrail Fused Wood:

In this case, there are carved wooden pieces in the center of the fence and handrail pipes on either side. They are available in two colors: rose and walnut. In some wooden designs it is also possible to install a protective tube. The wood used in these fences is Russian and walnut wood, which are painted after being scratched.

 Handrail Fence French Design:

In this design, the construction fences are fitted at the beginning and end of each fence staircase, then two size pipes are installed parallel to the staircase along the stairs and the protective pipes are spaced on these two pipes. The centimeter runs from each other. It is possible to obtain the approval of the fire department.

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