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Vertical louver facade Price Fluctuation

Positive features of vertical louver facadePrice changes of vertical louver facadeValid Aluminium Company site

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The design and layout that is used to create the facade of the building will play an important role in beautifying and increasing the overall security of the building. One of the building facades that gives indescribable beauty to buildings is the vertical louver facade. vertical louver facade is designed in such a way that it can be used in tall and short buildings. Using a vertical louver facade brings unique features such as beauty and comfortable space for people inside the building.

Vertical louver facade Price Fluctuation

Positive features of vertical louver facade

Positive features of vertical louver facade louver The vertical louver facade is known as one of the sustainable ways to reduce heating and cooling costs for buildings and facades of towers and houses, as well as a reliable air conditioning system. Contractors, builders, and architects are eager to use these louvers because of the benefits of the vertical louver facade. Vertical louver facade companies produce these louvers from a variety of materials from wood to various metals, but aluminum vertical louver facade is more considered by architects and engineers because of its advantages and advantages over other louvers. Advantages of Aluminum Louvre:

  • Prevents direct sunlight inside the building and heating inside the buildings
  • Light and air passage control
  • Vertical louver facade is an insulator for noise pollution
  • Beauty and creating a comfortable space for people inside buildings
  • Can be installed on all types of building facades
  • Proper flexibility
  • High durability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Unique beauty
  • No need to maintain and take special care of the vertical louver facade

 Vertical louver facade in fixed and moving models are designed and manufactured by different companies. The design and production of a vertical louver facade are done by Valid Aluminum company. This company, which produces a vertical louver facade, uses powder paints with RAL‌ code to paint these louvers. A wide range of colors is provided by this company for these louvers. Valid Aluminum is one of the best vertical lover facade suppliers in the country.

Price changes of vertical louver facade

Price changes of vertical louver facade Today, the architects of the building facade are trying to implement the most beautiful designs and ideas in the building facade. Since Iran has a hot and dry climate, it made architects think to offer products that can reduce direct sunlight. vertical louver facade is a product that prevents direct sunlight into buildings.

The vertical louver facade, which is produced in different sizes by different companies across the country, is permanently and movably connected to the building facade structure. The price of aluminum vertical louver facade will be very different depending on whether it is fixed or moving, and obviously moving models have a higher price rate. The best way to find out about Price changes of vertical louver facade is to go to vertical louver facade suppliers or use sites related to vertical louver facade company.

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