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Wood & Plastic Composites for Sale at Affordable Price

What is wood plastic composite?What is wood plastic composite used for?Can we use wood plastic composites on building facade?Wood Plastic Composite Uses and BenefitsValid Aluminium Company site

Wood & plastic Composites for sale at affordable price is the topic of the current article. In this article, we are going to discuss what the wood plastic composite is, wood plastic composite price, wood plastic composite products, wood plastic composite sheet as well as wood plastic composite decking in detail. First of all, let us give you an introduction about the wood plastic composite and its nature. 

Wood & Plastic Composites for Sale at Affordable Price

What is wood plastic composite?

What is wood plastic composite?Wood plastic composite refers to boards and lumber which are made from recycled plastic and small wood particles or fibers. Compared to the long history of products such as natural timber and traditional wood products such as particleboard and fiber laminates, plastic wood composites are relatively new products. This text summarizes some of the basic construction steps, physical and mechanical properties, of basic WPC applications. Plastic wood composites are widely used in the US They are made by mixing powdered wood particles with recycled plastics. The North American plastic wood composite market has reached almost $ 2 billion in sales. After a 5% increase in sales between years 1 and 2, it is expected to grow by 4% annually in the next 4-5 years.

In general, making plastic wood composites is a two-step process. A combination of wood and thermoplastics such as high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride form a uniform paste mixture. This mixing process can be performed either singly or by continuous processes. In addition to the original grain size range of 1 to 4 meshes, plastic coupling agents, stabilizers, foaming agents or dyes are also added to enhance the properties of the finished product for specific applications. For example, oils improve the appearance of composite surfaces. There are three common ways to make plastic wood composites.

The extrusion method, in which the molten composite passes through the mold, is shown in Fig. In the injection molding method, the molten composite is injected into the cold mold. One-third of the melt pressure arises between the composite of the two halves of the mold.

The majority of plastic wood composites are produced by the extrusion process, using a variety of extrusions, such as single-screw or double-screw, which are used to form the final shape. Figures 1, 2 and 4 show examples of plastic wood products and materials flow diagrams in the factory during the normal manufacturing process. Traditional wood that is further enhanced by the application of pressure and carotid copper arsenate.

What is wood plastic composite used for?

Manufacturers and engineers are constantly monitoring new materials and improved processes for use in producing better products and thus maintaining a competitive edge and increasing their profit margins. Wood plastic composites are used in many applications for automotive, structural, marine, electronic and aerospace applications.

Research has shown that the use of wood fibers or different types of earth-derived fibers has many advantages for automotive applications. From a technical point of view, these composites increase mechanical strength and acoustic properties, reduce component weight, fuel consumption, process time and production costs, and improve passenger safety and biodegradability for automotive interior components. For example, the Mercedes E Class achieves a remarkable 20% weight loss and improved mechanical properties to protect passengers in accidents. Nationally, plant fibers are renewable, that is produced annually, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Various applications in the automotive industry include:

1. Front door cover

2. Rear door cover

3. Rear box cover

4. Rear window

5. Sit cushion

6. Removable roof slider

7. Headlights

Can we use wood plastic composites on building facade?

Can we use wood plastic composites on building facade?

The applications of wood plastic in the building and its facade can be summarized as follows:

1. Outdoor, laminate flooring with pool, bathroom, sauna and Jacuzzi

2. Wall covering

3. Building facade, entrance doors and parking, stairs, false ceiling

4. Roof and roof covering, ducts and gutters

5. Terrace, backyard, balcony and fence

6. Fence, partition, curtain and blinds

7. Alachiq, Pergola, beach, beach shelters, car parking, canopy and porch

8. Desks and benches, garden and park lights, trash can and other urban furniture

9. Garden and Park Vases (Flower Box)

10. Traffic signs / billboards

11. Construction of school equipment

The profiles of the substrate profiles are arranged from 3cm to 1cm below by special clips so that the plastics can be mounted on it with a perfectly standard distance, without any slipping.

Make sure that the substrate is level before installing the wood on the facade.Be sure to use wood-based substrate with a minimum dimension of 1 * 2 mm before installing the wood on the profile.Cut the plastics prior to the installation in accordance with the plan and iron infrastructure.

The lengths of the screws installed in the plastic wood substrate, axis to axis, are about 1 cm, about 2 cm in the case of flooring.The lengths of the screws to be installed are from 1 to 2 cm from the top of the wood to the middle of the first screw.The screws for mounting timber or decking on a wooden substrate shall be of galvanized or stainless steel.

Wood Plastic Composite Uses and Benefits

The greatest advantage of wood plastic composite is the environmental friendliness of wood and recycled plastic materials. Plastic wood composite has less maintenance cost than hard wood. One of the main reasons for the rapid growth of the plastic wood composite is its low cost in the life cycle of this composite.

In general, a plastic wood composite deck has a production cost of approximately 2% more than a pressurized wood deck, But it requires lower maintenance costs. The actual repayment period of this composite for wood produced was estimated to be around 2 to 5 years by the pressure applied to the deck construction.

Higher dimensional stability with less variety of this composite can also be considered as one of the main advantages of plastic wood products. Much research in many countries has focused on the durability and longevity of plastic wood composites and the increased interest in using them in open spaces.

In fact, the plastic wood composite was originally marketed as a natural caries-resistant, heat-and-cold-resistant, fungal-resistant, insect-infiltrating composite. However, it has been found that the plastic wood composite is moisture-absorbing and ultimately likely to decay, but at a much slower rate than solid wood. Thermal expansion, creep, that is to say time-dependent deformation, high density and difficult staining are some of the disadvantages of plastic wood composites.

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