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Top 10 Manufacturers of WPC Wood Panels in the World

What are the different WPC products?Is WPC board better than plywood?Wood Plastic Composite Uses and Properties How to buy WPC panels at factory price?Valid Aluminium Company site

Compared to the history of products such as traditional wood products and natural timber such as particleboard and fiber laminates, plastic wood composites are quite recent products.The emergence of the wood-plastic composites is actually the result of a link between the wood and plastic composites that have historically been scarce and very different from the features of each. There are top 10 manufacturers of WPC wood panels in the world.Top 10 Manufacturers of WPC Wood Panels in the World

What are the different WPC products?

What are the different WPC products?Generally, the wood-plastic composite is manufactured in two stages. This mixing process can be performed either singly or by continuous processes. In addition to the original wood with different grain dimensions, plastic coupling agents, stabilizers, foaming agents or dyes are also added, which add to the properties of the finished product. Wood-plastic composites are usually made up of 2% of thermo-plastic (granular) and corroded polymers, which are usually blended with high-temperature polymers and then applied to different applications. There are two types of wood plastic substrate. The answer for this question:

” what are the different wood plastic composite products?”  depends on its type.The first is saturated wood substrate which is of the most suitable type of chassis for floor decking in terraces, balconies, courtyards, surrounding pools with low height and types of wall coverings. Using this kind has some advantages which worth to be used despite of wpc board disadvantages. These are as following: high speed on installation, being waterproof, antifungal and bacterial, minimum shrinkage and expansion against temperature and high impact. The other type is metal chassis. The use of metal chassis in places such as facades, pools, high-traffic floors, Ruf Garden, Pergola, Flavorbox, Bench, etc. is suggested and can be said to be one of the best types of chassis in infrastructure provided that all standards are met. Installations and connections must be observed. Plastics can be prepared in various shapes and sizes and can be used extensively in different modes and locations. For example, the wall can be produced in a single shape and dimension and for the floor deck the same shape and dimension can be produce.

Is WPC board better than plywood?

To answer this question:” is WPC board better than plywood?”, we should explain that WPC is a product made of the mixing of fibers, wood particles and other lignocellulosic materials such as wheat and rice straw, corn stalks and hemp flour with thermoplastic polymers (plastics) in the molten state and because of its formability. With the resulting dough, a variety of products can be produced. Cellulose powders are easily bonded with water molecules due to their natural carbon chains and abundant OH branches in their structure.

These products, however, are highly hydrophobic due to their hydrophobicity and moisture-resistant plastic. And they are well serviced in most foreign applications.There are generally 7 major consumer groups:

These products can be considered to be manufacture of flooring, construction of fences and shields, car components, cabinet profiles and interior furnishings, urban furniture and parks, construction and window applications, industrial and transport applications and special applications and like offshore structures. Plywood is made in such a way that they first cut the wood into thin layers, then pour the adhesive between the layers, pressing the layers, sticking together for a while.

Then, cut the prepared board into foursquare and sort. They use a lot of glue to cover the middle layers and modify the sides of the board. The prepared panels are laminated together and formatted in length and width. For example, multilayer flooring is made by using multiple layers of plywood or seven-layer boards. The main advantage of this laminate flooring is that the upper layers are usually thicker, about 4 to 6 mm thick.

These flooring are robust and durable and have attracted much attention in terms of heating. The adhesive that is poured between these layers will remain solid after high pressure and this will make the layers stronger together and therefore more resistant to single-layer boards. Plywood is far more robust in weight comparison than one-piece boards. Each of its layers strengthens the subsequent layers. Generally, plywood are lightweight. The screws and nails can be attached very close to the edges of the board without leaving any laminate. It is very unlikely to twist. Laminates are available in large sheets, so they are very economical. Plywood can be purchased with a wide variety of prices. Wood plastic composite price and plyy wood price are different.

Wood Plastic Composite Uses and Properties

Wood Plastic Composite Uses and Properties wood plastic composite properties are discussed bellow . wood plastic composite  is combination of the materials such as natural wood fibers, plastics, thermoplastics, and special flours. Polywood plastic is a very new type of product in this category. Its production is made of two parts materials. In the wooden part, raw materials such as pulp fibers, peanut shells, bamboo, straw are used and in the plastic part,  polyethylene, PVC and polypropylene are used.

These materials, after being combined in extruded devices, form a solid paste, which is the starting material for this type of composite. After forming this raw material and preparing the required profiles and sections, any type of resin and composite material will be added, and in the final step these materials will be molded and dried. Of the benefits of these composites are its100% waterproof and moisture proof property and its property of complete insulation of any type of radiation, magnetic, sound, heat or cold radiation.

they are antibacterial, resistant to absorption and infiltration of any kind of germs and bacteria, resistant to penetration of any acid, liquids and fats with the least expansion and contraction in different climates they are high endurance, light weight and resistant to any impacts and scratches. They are non-flammable and fire-resistant, with no possibility of spark or spark.

They have minimum shelf life of 30 years without any deformation, fracture resistance and appearance. They are fully washable and clean with a variety of detergents and detergents. They are resistant to insects and animals such as termites and mice. They are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, thanks to its combination of plastic wood and aluminum. They are high resistance to impact and pressure of foreign bodies as well as no cracking. 

How to buy WPC panels at factory price?

It is important to know how to buy WPC panels at factory price?, in order to save money. One of the most important criteria in selecting wood profiles is to know the price list of wood plastics for the benefit of the products. Nowadays, due to currency fluctuations and problems with raw materials supply, there is a wide range of plastic wood prices on the market, which certainly has a direct relationship with its quality.Wood Plast is very good in terms of price and quality over thermo-saturated wood. Given the importance of weight, speed of production, type of profile and mold in determining the price of plastic wood, the company has attempted to provide Wood Plast consumers with their own plastics on a daily

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