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Newest Price List for Wood Plastic Composite Panels

Are there any WPC panel producers in Iran?Different Applications of Wood Plastic Composites What is the good price for WPC panels?Suppliers and distributors of wood plastic panels Valid Aluminium Company site

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The newest price list for wood plastic composite panels can be obtained from major distributors in the shortest possible time and in the highest quality with their variety of uses.They will help you to tailor the product which are  suit  your needs and budget. Below you can find useful and useful information about these products.

Newest Price List for Wood Plastic Composite Panels

Are there any WPC panel producers in Iran?

Are there any WPC panel producers in Iran?Plastic wood composites, nowadays called W.P.C’s, are products made from a combination of materials including natural wood fibers and thermoplastics.These materials are combined in extruded devices to form a solid paste that is the starting material for this type of composite.

After forming the raw material and adding resin and composite materials such as paint, the profiles are made in different sections. The product is resistant to water and moisture, insects as well as fire and is suitable for indoor surfaces, outdoor spaces and floors.

Double-wall plastic wood sections that are suitable for floor coverings can be used in high-traffic areas such as parks, restaurants as well as pools and jacuzzi. The dimensions of this product are typically as follows:

  • 150mm: Width * 25mm: Thickness
  • 308mm: Width * 34mm: Thickness
  • 280mm: Width * 40mm: Thickness

On request more than 300 square meters, it is possible to produce in different dimensions. Single-wall plastic wood sections are suitable for covering the interior walls or exterior(like wpc sheet for kitchen) The dimensions of this product are as follows: 

  • 70mm: Width * 12mm: Thickness
  • 200mm: Width * 25mm: Thickness
  • 150mm: Width * 12mm: Thickness

And if you demand more than 300 square meters, it is possible to produce in different dimensions.

Different Applications of Wood Plastic Composites

Plastic wood mosaic composite tiles are similar to thermo wood mosaic tiles designed for outdoor use. Its advantages include resistance and stability in different climates, color variability and affordability. Tiles are typically manufactured in the factory at 30 * 30/30 * 60 dimensions and can be manufactured in different dimensions upon request of more than 300 square meters.

Each piece of plastic wood is bonded to the plastic substrate with at least two screws and thus the finished product (plastic wood mosaic tiles) has high strength for traffic. It is possible to install these tiles by aligning the underside of the used area.

Providing a level surface will stabilize the mosaics, usually because of the mosaic’s exposure to water, and the use of pebbles as a substrate.Because in addition to being a good mosaic substrate, it facilitates the passage of rainwater or washing. In addition to outdoor spaces, this product can also be used in indoor areas such as saunas.

The plastic wood composite was originally marketed as a natural caries-resistant and fungal-insect-resistant composite.However, it has been found that the plastic wood composite is moisture-absorbing and ultimately likely to decay, but at a much slower rate than solid wood.

Thermal expansion, creep (time-dependent deformation), high density and difficult staining are some of the disadvantages of plastic wood composites. The wood plastic composite properties for the wall is as follows:

  1. Environmental materials, recyclable
  2. Time-saving – Easy maintenance
  3. Longer Use / Life Cycle – Waterproof
  4. stronger and more flexible
  5. Standard woodworking tools can be used
  6. High degree of UV and color fastness
  7. Dimensions stability against humidity and temperature. Suitable from -40 to 60
  8. weather resistant, suitable from -40 to 60
  9. Green Environment, Innovative Technology, Lifestyle
  10. texture and touch of wood grain with beautiful nature, with wood aroma
  11. Beautiful and detailed shape design

What is the good price for WPC panels?

What is the good price for WPC  panels?The reasonable plastic wood sheets prices depends on various variables such as materials used, type of products processed, shipping, product quality and so on.The major purchases of these products are very economical and have tremendous benefits.

The biggest advantage of a plastic wood composite is its environmental sustainability, through the manufacture of waste wood and recycled plastic materials. Plastic wood composite has lower maintenance cost than hard wood.

One of the main reasons for the rapid growth of plastic wood composite is its low cost in the life cycle of this composite.In general, a plastic wood composite deck has a production cost of about 2% more than a wood pressed deck, but requires a lower maintenance cost.

The actual repayment period of this composite compared to the wood produced was estimated to be around 3 to 5 years using the pressure applied in the deck construction. Higher dimensional stability with less variety of this composite can also be considered as one of the major advantages of plastic wood products.

Many researches in many countries have focused on the durability and longevity of plastic wood composites and their interest in using them in open spaces. Recent research has shown that the use of specific wood species in the process of wood-plastic composite production can add unique features to finished products.

For example, wood-based composites made of cherry or red cedar are more resistant to water absorption, swelling and decay than other species.

In addition to various types of wood-useable (WPC) trees of all kinds of natural fibers such as flax, hemp and hemp, rice husk, fibers in leaves and seeds such as: flax, fruits such as: coconut shell or staple fibers and stem fibers For example, straw is also used to make fiber-plastic wood composites.

Suppliers and distributors of wood plastic panels

In general, making plastic wood composites is a two-step process.A combination of wood and thermoplastics such as high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) form a dough-like mixture.

This mixing process can be performed either individually or by continuous processes.In addition to the original grain size range in the range of 20-60 meshes, plastic coupling agents, stabilizers, foaming agents or dyes are also added to enhance the properties of the finished product for specific applications.For example, oils improve the appearance of composite surfaces.

Professional mills manufacturing wall panel for molding.They do interior design. Focuses on producing wall panels using 100% new and green materials for all products. PVC products enjoy the advantages of antimicrobial, thermal insulation, sound insulation, energy saving, beautiful and easy maintenance.

It is widely used for all types of hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, cooking rooms and washrooms.The mission of the manufacturers is to provide the best service to our customers and focus on establishing a long-term partnership with our customers.

wpc board manufacturer and distributors  in every country are providing a wide range of services to serve domestic and foreign consumers. You can contact the best distributors in the shortest time.

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