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What is composite timber cladding?Most sold types of composite wall claddings How to install composite cladding?Beautiful designs for composite wall cladding panels Valid Aluminium Company site

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The walls of each building are a very important part and  greatly influences the beauty of the interior. When we enter a space with beautiful walls, we are unconsciously attracted and start to admire it.  There are many different types of composites for wall coverings. Composite wall cladding are very beautiful. Keep up with usInterior Wall Cadding Materials on Sale

What is composite timber cladding?

What is composite timber cladding?

Today, interior decoration designers and architects have a special attention to the façade of the interior walls of the house. Today, different types of exterior wall cladding are on the market . One of the most popular types of wall that are very diverse and beautiful .coverings is the composite wall that continues to introduce it and various types and applications and also the benefits of using it. 

These walls are the same as the name
implies of a composite material, which is actually a combination of adhesives
and resins and cement. These walls are marketed as screens in different
dimensions and sizes, which are put together, covering the wall beautifully and
creating a special exponential.

Composite wall coverings are panels
that consist of different materials with different functions. For example, roof
with concrete, insulation layer for floor and waterproof layers three in one.
Sandwich panels are one of the common types of composite panels. The
wall-mounted composite sheet is used for walls and facades. The main advantage
of using a composite wall panel is its waterproof and resistance to moisture.
This type of wall covering designs and colors can be produced and has many


Most sold types of composite wall claddings

In general, composite wall panels are divided into several types: aluminum composite wall panels, wood composite wall panels, stainless steel composite wall panels, stone wall composite wall panels, brick and wall composite wall panels. Wall coverings of composite stone wool and … that we will introduce later.

Wooden composite wall panel

Wooden composite slab walls are usually made of broad, narrow wooden boards in different colors. The wooden wall panels are made of multilayer boards with two plates adhering to a thin surface and a thicker core layer. The spacing between the plates is to ensure the wall’s strength is greater, and it also requires no additional additives. Wooden panels can be manufactured in a variety of small panels, honeycomb panels or laminated wood panel panels. Wood panel composite wall panels can be installed horizontally and vertically. The most marketable feature is the high durability and durability of wooden wall coverings. Wood is always a symbol of nature and gives the home a lot of warmth and intimacy, but since wood is a costly and environmentally friendly use, wood-panel composite wall panels can be used. To insulate the house against heat and sound. It is economical and easy to install wood paneling because it does not require any cushioning.

In this type of wall cladding, the wall panels are stainless steel, the bottom panels and the core material are bonded to each other through an adhesive or foam, thus making the wall covering ideal for home thermal insulation. This type of wall cover is used for all kinds of industrial workshops and warehouses, cold stores, box packing factories, light steel residences and so on.

Stone wool composite wall cover

Basalt and other natural minerals are the main composites of composite wall panels made of rock wool. The rock wool melts at high temperature during the heating process and becomes a fiber, then adding a sufficient amount of adhesive to it becomes a flexible solid. Wool products are highly efficient and suitable for industrial equipment, construction, ship insulation, sound insulation and so on.

Aluminum Composite Wall Panels

Aluminum composite wall panels are a new type of material for interior decoration. In order to save money and due to the wide variety of colors, convenient manufacturing method, excellent processing performance, fire prevention capability and high quality of this product has gained popularity in a short time.

Aluminum and plastic composite panels have a unique function, which is why they use exterior walls, walls, remodeling and renovating old houses, interior wall and ceiling decorations, execution platforms, and so on. To be.

Fiberglass wall panels

Fiberglass is made from petroleum materials and glass wool. Today, fiberglass is also used in the manufacture of wall coverings, which act as a good thermal insulator and are highly resistant to moisture. The main feature of fiberglass wall panels is its colorability. Variety in design and color, waterproof, no need for cushioning, beautiful appearance, impact resistance, quick and easy installation, flexibility and cost-effective use of fiberglass wall covering over other types of wall coverings To become more prevalent.

Fiberglass wall coverings are used in building exterior, interior decoration, urban decoration, columns, bridges and subways and canals. Fiberglass panels are applicable in a variety of designs and roles, one of the most popular being the brick design. This type of wall coverings are regularly and irregularly installed on the wall with various designs of bricks. Its pigmentation and abrasive capabilities make it easy to coordinate the interior decoration with the wall. Composite stone wall coverings are another common type in the market that are widely used in home and office interior decoration.

composite cladding white is very beautiful and luminous and has many fans

How to install composite cladding?

How to install composite cladding?

Shops that offer decorative supplies also have this product. Since specialist work is needed to install the composite cladding panels, you can go to the offices offering decoration services and choose the material of the highest quality in consultation with them. This product, like other products, is available online and online. Just be careful when talking to a few experts before buying.composite cladding prices vary according to their quality

Beautiful designs for composite wall cladding panels

 several beautiful designs are found among the various composite designs:

Composite brick wall coverings

Brick is one of the materials used in modern decoration design, decorative examples. You must have seen houses with one or two brick walls. This idea gives the space a special beauty and creates a different atmosphere. But using the right bricks to create the idea has its own disadvantages, where composite walls make our work easier. These panels have a brick design and look like ordinary bricks when installed on the wall. The brick walls themselves have different types. Including irregular bricks. The advantage of using these wall coverings is that they are easily and quickly installed and do not require any special infrastructure. Expansion and contraction are very low and economically viable. Most importantly, these walls are insulated and resistant to UV radiation, of course.

Stone composite wall coverings

The walls are similar to those of brick designs, except that they look beautiful in decorative stone. Stone wall coverings also have the advantages of brick wall coverings. The use of stone in wall facades requires a great deal of cost. On the other hand, material rock is almost heavy. They make composite wall coverings from natural stones and look similar to them, with much less hassle to install.

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