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Modern Handrail Design For Luxury Home

How long does ThermoWood last?How do you apply thermally modified wood?A complete guide to buy ThermoWood in bulkBest places to buy ThermoWood at affordable pricesValid Aluminium Company site

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The modern handrail design for luxury homes is very important nowadays so that besides the high safety it should add to the beauty and eye-catching handrails. Handrails are made in a variety of ways, such as thermowood. Below you will find more information about this type of wood

Modern Handrail Design For Luxury Home

How long does ThermoWood last?

How long does ThermoWood last?Woods that are heated under certain conditions are called thermowood. these woods are a very good replacement for ordinary wood. This product is very suitable for outdoor applications such as facade, fence, door and window, as it is resistant to any weather conditions. Its golden brown color also makes it very popular for indoor applications such as flooring, handrails or home furniture.

The process could be summarized as follows:

  • Preheating: The wood is exposed to a temperature of about 100oC for a period of 2 to 4 hours.
  • Humidity: Reducing dampness to 4-6%.
  • Increased temperature and cooling. First we increase the temperature of the wood to 180-210oC (depends on the treatment) and then the temperature below 100oC is reduced.
  • Stabilization: We let the wood regain moisture for between 8 and 20 hours.
  • Cooling: Finally the wood is refrigerated for a period between 4 and 6 hours.

Almost any type of wood, whether hard or soft, is compatible with the Thermowood process, which in turn is completely eco-friendly as it does not use any type of chemical, nor does it add to the wood substances.

Due to its low humidity, wood becomes an excellent thermal insulator. In turn, heat treatment makes wood difficult to twist or turn and also increases its waterproof capacity. The durability of Thermowood such as thermowood India or other likes wood varies depending on the base wood used, although usually this is usually Oak, Western Red Cedar.

all of them of a high durability but without reaching that which can have tropical woods. On the other hand, one of the main negative parts of the Thermowood system is its impact on wood strength.

It is estimated that heat treatment directly affects the bending and cracking of the wood,as well as its resistance to weight, so it is not especially recommended to install it in spaces where the wood will have to withstand high pressures.

In terms of its aesthetics, the Thermowood texture gives the wood a silky shine that makes the natural streaks stand out. Likewise, the longer the time of exposure to heat during the process, the darker and deeper the color that the wood acquires.

How do you apply thermally modified wood?

Thermowood meaning is actually natural wood processed with advanced thermal mechanisms that is more durable and durable than other wood. this wood is the raw wood that is in the process of thermowood production and does not have many disadvantages of natural wood such as decay, discoloration and swelling.

this wood is one of the best types of wood for interior design and decoration and is used in many projects that require high strength wood because of its durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. this is a product that brings to life human beings with all the benefits of natural wood and the benefits of natural wood.

One of the important points when installing  is to disinfect the substrate in order to prevent the growth of plants and also to prevent the production of fungi. Underground insulation and thermal wood substrate measures to prevent moisture absorption and cross-sectional rot as well as extend the life of the product. Installing a Thermo Wood  is in two ways:

  • wood substrate:  the wooden substrate is perpendicular to the timber profiles and is mounted on the substrate by standard stainless bolts.
  • use of clips:  the substrate is made by ironing or galvanizing profiles, and the final thermocouples are attached to the substrate by clips. It goes without saying that this mode (that is, the use of clips) has the advantage over the first one, in that it does not see the screw in the wooden view. However, in this case the price will go up slightly.

But natural wood is very simple to install with nails and bolts, but it is much shorter. this wood has multiple applications, both indoors and outdoors; pavement, furniture, cladding, fences, saunas, etc.

A complete guide to buy ThermoWood in bulk

A complete guide to buy ThermoWood in bulkThermowood is a material that has a beautifully structured appearance. However, just like any other construction material, we need to be careful when buying a set of tips, which we will discuss later. this wood is less dense and more resistant than other woods. This product is natural and compatible with nature.

However, due to the heat that enters the thermocouple during the wood shaving process, its resistance to bending and twisting decreases. Installing is very convenient and fast. This product can be disassembled and installed frequently, as well as easily washed and cleaned.

Thermowoods can be cut in many different ways and can be easily subdivided. Due to its moisture resistance, this product is a good choice for swimming pools and saunas. Also, when exposed to moisture, it does not blow; it does not deform.

If it is exposed to direct sunlight without any coating, its color will change from brown and gold to gray and silver. For this reason, the appropriate coating must be used to cover it. Resistant to various weather conditions, it allows you to easily use the ThermoWood.


Best places to buy ThermoWood at affordable prices

The price of a thermowood is determined by important factors, the quality of the wood itself can have a significant impact on the price. Since imported wood is more expensive than domestic wood and has to be bought in order to buy it, this increases the price .

The next case that affects the price of Thermowood is how the wood is processed and its country of origin.When a country such as Finland uses the latest technology in wood processing and uses the highest quality wood available, it is natural that these processes and processes will raise the price of Thermowood so that all these transactions will have to be made in euros.

In today’s Iranian market, the price of Thermowood has fluctuated due to the abuse of some wood sellers. Because they sell various types of heated or saturated wood under the name of thermowood finland for finland ThermoWood and customers also buy that for lack of knowledge.

The price of thermowood is much cheaper and more affordable than other woods, and as mentioned, this product can be cut to your liking, allowing you to easily create a beautiful look with a special look. Have your own building

Finally, to guide our dear buyers, we declare that the price  is up to date due to the importation of this product and the calculation of the price of Thermowood based on the Euro, and must inquire from reputable companies.

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