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Advantages and Disadvantages of Terracotta Facade

Where to find terracotta panels for facades?Are terracotta facade materials expensive?How to design a beautiful terracotta facade?Iranian terracotta panel manufacturers and exporters Valid Aluminium Company site

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Tracotta, originally an Italian word, means pottery or cooked mud. The application of this material in building facades is as products manufactured under the trademarks of Terracotta, Klinker and Tempio, etc. by new methods of clay and feldspar compositions with new and similar ceramic methods.Many of the features of this product are similar to porcelain ceramics and the most prominent feature of these materials is their low water absorption and color fastness to the sun.Follow us on to get information about advantages and disadvantages of Terracotta Facade.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Terracotta Facade

Where to find terracotta panels for facades?

Where to find terracotta panels for facades?

Today, this facade is one of Europe’s most modern and original systems of facades; the panels feature a brick and ceramic texture with a range of natural and enameled colors that give the European architectural genuine compatibility as well as vertical and vertical communication lines. Horizontal jute tiles, one of the modern architectural elements, and a mounting system that guarantees the stability and ease of application and insulation properties, as well as the ability to blend the different colors of this facade and integrate it with other facade systems such as composite aluminum and stone are among the reasons for the popularity of this facade system. In the world and especially in Europe.

The following specifications have been recorded for terracotta cladding based on experiments and research by two research institutes in Dresden and Hanover, Germany;

terracotta cladding advantages:

• High physical and frost resistance according to the German DIN standard (water absorption below 2.5%) and very severe temperature change resistance at least 5 times.

• Being fireproof means that it is fire resistant and does not deform.

• It does not change color over time and is resistant to sunlight.

• Providing appropriate space for insulation without being dependent on the type of substrate.

• The water and drainage of the system can be guided by grooves and paths mounted on the top of the panels.

• Air suction occurs through the wide seams above each tile, and the return of the air is ensured by the distance between the wall or insulation and behind the clinkers, thereby air conditioning.

• Depending on the type of clinker selected, these panels can greatly reduce the amount of additional noise entering the building, making them completely sound insulated.

• Able to be installed by dry installation on high-rise facade and building (height of about 2 floors)

• Ability to produce in different sizes and exquisite designs and colors

This facade system has the ability to rotate the air behind the panels and consists of the following components:

• The supporting wall of the Nova, the wall or structural system on which the facade is applied.

• Dry joints that attach to the underlying structure; aluminum rails with vibrating rubber bands

• Infrastructure Structure A metal structure on which the facade components are mounted and attached to the support wall itself by welding or bolt roll.

Are terracotta facade materials expensive?

The façade of the building is the most important visual component of the building, so designing a stylish and, of course, exterior design has a huge impact on all people in a city, but in any case the first and foremost thing is the price and cost to pay. Therefore, the price of each product or service is one of the most important things that are of interest to everyone. Of course, we can never say that a product or service is expensive or inexpensive unless compared to something else.

Here, considering the importance of building facades, we compare the price of several types of building facades, and it is important to know It is a commodity and service, meaning that materials and products must be purchased and paid for implementation to perform the facade of the building so that a fixed and basic price cannot be provided for the facade. Because the variety of building facade products is very different in terms of quality, quantity and time and type of purchase, on the one hand the cost of installation varies according to project size, project location and execution time and most importantly the quality of project execution and so on. Here are some reasons to compare you.

Facade materials in the price range from the cheapest to the most expensive in the building: in white, cement facade, washed cement facade, stone facade, brick facade, composite, laminate, tracotta, classic marble, ceramic facade, wooden facade, stone Granite.

How to design a beautiful terracotta facade?

How to design a beautiful terracotta facade?

Just as the cover of each individual carries with it signs of personality, social class and other attributes, the facade of each building also reflects the social status and personality of the owner. In addition, the facade of each building represents the unique location and type of building, culture and civilization, history, architecture and unique climate of the area.The Tracotta facade is actually a pottery facade.

From an urban design perspective:

On a larger scale, we will see that every building is not a separate system that depends solely on the owner and designer, but that each building forms part of the urban landscape and plays a role in the visual beauty of a city. It plays an important role. The coordination of the facades of buildings together with the texture of their surroundings is very important and should be taken into account when designing the facade and selecting the type of materials. The tracery facade of the buildings has all these features and adds to the beauty of the urban edges.

The terracotta facade cladding panel provides the designer with a wide range of natural colors, and the material’s viability in terms of being cooked in the soil is vastly different from other dry facade systems in terms of the vibrant feel of the building. The show has.The terracotta facade design has louvres that can be used as a strap and because it is of the same type as the earthenware tile in the Tracotta facades, it gives an attractive, textured look.

Iranian terracotta panel manufacturers and exporters

The method of executing building facade projects with tracota bricks and bricks is one of the modern and modern methods of building facades. Nowadays, due to the increasing industrialization of different parts of life, beautification and execution of building facades have been strongly influenced by this category, and dry methods of facade implementation have also received more attention due to its ease of execution and better quality.

Project execution time is one of the most important components to consider when evaluating and evaluating materials and how they are implemented. Practical studies and experience have shown that the use of tracota bricks, and the dry way of implementing them in the building’s facade, reduce the time required for projects to reach 50%. Also, the application of dry facades with materials such as ceramic, stone, wood and tracota ceramics to the industrial method, which has been the result of years of trial and error in external methods, has solved many of the unsolved problems of building facades, allowing engineers the opportunity. And it has given designers closer to the quality they desire.There are many manufacturers in Iran that take over these projects.

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